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Harmony of Unique, Timeless Design and Sustainability

NUANCA, emerging between the sophistication of Paris and the allure of Bali, embodies a French designer brand known for its elegant and chic designs. Our distinct style harmonizes geometric precision with timeless charm, drawing inspiration from the exotic richness of Indonesian culture.




three design saddle leather handbags
girl in light beige dress holding a blue saddle leather bag
our values

Our Core Values

Ananas leather bag nuanca yellow 2.jpg

Sophisticated Design

Inspired by french design, known for its elegance & sophistication, mixed together with an exotic touch

close up leather artisan working on stitching a strap

Skilled Craftsmanship

Expertise craftsmanship in small scale workshops focusing on ethical practices

brown and blue leather hides hanging in the tannery

Sustainable Materials

Leather from GOLD rated LWG certified tannery, handwoven lining fabric and solid brass hardware

hanging free red mini baguette with strap

Mini Divya

two girls wearing saddle bags brown and blue on a beach in Bali

Our Story

NUANCA stands for ethical craftsmanship, utilizing naturally processed and durable materials that are skillfully transformed into sophisticated designs. Our distinctive Indonesian-French heritage shines through in our unique range of products.

At NUANCA, we wholeheartedly embrace the principles of ethical fashion, placing a strong emphasis on sustainable practices and a profound respect for both people and the environment.

"This is Ethical Fashion. This is Sustainable Fashion. It embodies the true essence of what fashion truly is – born out of passion, skill, heritage, artistry, and bravery."

profile photo of a blonde girl a leather and wicker rattan mini bags


Style Editorial
flatlay photo with notebook, a coffee cup, a pen, sun glasses and a ring


Information & Articles
vegetable tanned leather hides drying and hanging in the tannery


Our Eco-Friendly Tanning Method
a couple dressed up walking on a beach in Bali


Our Background Story
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