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By merging our cultural horizons, we aspire to create a unified vision that combines the refined elegance and sophistication of French design with the rich artistic heritage of Indonesia. Our goal is to shape an unprecedented blend of timeless geometric styles, infused with an exotic ambiance.

Our mission is to support "Slow Fashion" by offering genuine, durable, and high-quality leather products while taking on our social responsibility to reduce plastic waste through the use of biomaterials (compared to synthetic or laminated leather).

Nuanca leather items are produced in small batches, not mass-produced. Each piece will never be exactly the same. We take pride in offering unique and timeless designs that are made to last.


Our Core Values

Driven by a commitment to ethical craftsmanship, sophisticated design, and sustainable principles, NUANCA embodies a true dedication to excellence. 

1. Sophisticated Design

Our French touch is defined by its elegance and meticulous attention to detail. Furthermore, we embrace modern 3D design techniques to refine our product lines and enhance their aesthetics and functionality.

Materials and colors have been thoughtfully developed exclusively for our brand, incorporating traditional techniques.


We reimagine ancestral Indonesian patterns with a modern twist, infusing our creations with vibrance while paying homage to their roots.


2. Sustainable Materials

From sustainable materials to the exquisite fabrics, we want to create a harmonious blend of ecological and luxury.

Our leather is exclusively made using vegetable tanning process and locally sourced in Indonesia from small, family owned farms.


Choosing solid brass, and not coated or metallized material for our hardware gives also the best durability and strength

3. Inherited, Ethical and Skilled Craftsmanship

At NUANCA, we are dedicated to promoting fair labor practices in small workshops, preserving traditional techniques such as hand weaving, and safeguarding cultural heritage.

Our practices reflect our commitment to a fairer and more sustainable fashion industry, and we strive to be a positive force for change in the communities where we work.

nuanca team in tannery indonesia

Our Engagements

We are dedicated to engaging in sustainable development across multiple scales and sectors, prioritizing ethical practices and environmental stewardship.

Locally Sourced

All our leather only comes from javanese small-farms and is locally process

recycled packaging.png

Recycled Packaging

We use only eco-friendly packaging with focus on recycled materials


Sustainable Materials

High quality and durable materials with limited environmental impacts 

vegetable tanned leather icon.png

Vegetable Tanning

A slow tanning method using natural materials like tree bark or vegetables


Ethically Handcrafted

Promoting fair working conditions of recognized leather artisans

hand woven 2.png

Hand-Woven Lining

We use tradional handwoven lining material called lurik and commit to perpetuate it

Background Profiles

Meet the Founders

As college friends turned married couple, we shared a common life goal and passion of creating something unique. Thus, we embarked on a journey to establish our own brand, NUANCA. 

Findaria Sunardi Cann

Co-Founder & Business Developer

Findaria Sunardi Cann (Aria) is a B2B Marketing and International Sales Manager currently working in Germany and residing in France. Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, she has spent the past 10 years living in Europe.

In her academic journey, she achieved a master's degree in Media & Business Management with outstanding remarks in Stuttgart, Germany.

With a strong background in business management and communication, she has been dedicated to working for a B2B company, focusing on the European market, for the past six years. Balancing her career with motherhood, she is now a proud mom, building a loving family together with her partner Ben.

Apart from her professional endeavors, Aria has a strong passion for fashion & design, particularly in the realm of unique bags. She also has a keen interest in graphic and website design. Furthermore, Aria finds joy in traveling and cooking, but her truest passion lies within the world of fashion. She delights in creating fashion-related content, drawing inspiration from the effortless and timeless elegance of French style, which is showcased on her Instagram page (aria.instyles)

findaria sunardi cann
Benjamin Cann

Benjamin Cann

Co-Founder & CTO

Benjamin is a French designer and engineer, currently working in Germany. He expertise has been honed through a diverse range of projects, spanning from automotive engineering to jewelry design, fashion and even bespoke 3D lingerie.

Over the past decade, he has amassed a collection of international design awards, including recognition for  3D Printable Boat design in Singapore, and a rover concept design prize from NASA. By discovering Indonesia with his spouse, the designer was struck by the country's rich cultural heritage and breath-taking natural landscapes. 

In addition to his design activities, Ben is an avid photographer who has held a few exhibitions. As a result of his passion, he is delighted to produce much of NUANCA's photographic contents. 

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