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Emerging from the fusion of French elegance and exotic flair of Indonesia

coffee cup typical parisian breafast with croissant


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"French design is all about creating harmony and balance, with a focus on elegance and refinement." 

- Jean-Louis Deniot


All of our products are mindfully designed in France, certainly the reference for luxury fashion and refined taste.


Our designs are timeless and feature historical influences, combined with the exotic flair of Indonesia, from artistic heritage to nature, to create a distinctive aesthetic.

3D Design Workflow 

We swiftly transform our hand sketches into 3D visualizations, enabling us to refine sizes, proportions, and directly convey our vision of the final product.

Comprehensive renderings and detailed product specifications serve as essential information for our artisan partners to bring these one-of-a-kind pieces to life.

Leather Saddle Bag Brown product studio photography

Functionality is the key

Convinient, confortable and versatile.

During the design phase, we consider all the various ways in which the bag can be used to meet your needs. 

With accordeon construction, removable and adjustable straps, or even weared on a belt, our bags are conceived to be as versatile as possible

Prototyping & Production

Each new design goes through an intensive design process with several prototypes for each new model to reach the best fit and functionality.

We strive to implement high quality standards and challenge our artisan partners. Critical steps like edge finishing are pushed to the best quality.

flatlay of bag design process with drawings, color palette, logo and brass hardware
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