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We prioritize promoting fair labor practices in small workshops, preserving traditional techniques such as hand weaving, and safeguarding cultural heritage. We hold a commitment to these values, ensuring the longevity and vitality of our craft.


Heritage Craftsmanship of
Hand Woven Fabrics

Introducing Lurik, a traditional hand-woven fabric originating from ancient Java. Unfortunately, Lurik faces the risk of vanishing.

By selecting Lurik as our lining material, we honor the skilled artisans who meticulously hand-weave each intricate pattern. The art of hand weaving Lurik involves boundless patience, unwavering dedication, and exceptional skill.

This choice not only adds an exquisite touch to our products but also supports the preservation of Indonesian cultural heritage.

lurik green yellow saddle bag2s.jpg

Ethical is the New Normal

NUANCA was founded with a strong mission: to empower individuals in developing countries by providing fair employment opportunities. Our core values drive us to create a positive impact in everything we do.

We carefully select partners who align with our principles and maintain relationships built on respect and honesty. Through regular communication, we ensure that ethical practices are upheld and implemented throughout our supply chain.

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