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At NUANCA we are committed to selecting the best quality materials that we can get our hands on. Sensitive textures that blend perfectly for a unique product experience. 

Process of Tanning

Overall, vegetable tanning is a time-consuming process that can take several weeks to complete.


However, it is an environmentally-friendly and sustainable method of tanning leather, as it uses natural materials and avoids the use of harmful chemicals. The resulting leather is strong, durable, and has a unique character and patina that develops over time.

leather infographic 1.png
leather tanney wooden drums

Why we choose Vegetable Tanned Leather?

Research has shown that a significant part of the environmental impact of leather occurs in the manufacturing process.


Therefore, it is not only the chemicals used in the tanning process that should determine how eco-friendly the leather is. Accordingly, water, wastewater, air emissions and energy use are responsibly managed at our tanneries. 

Learn more about the difference of Leathers Tanning, also Vegan VS. Leather in our Blog site. 

Our Leather Finishings

We like to offer several construction methods or finishing to our products.



Traditional hand making process with selected hides and carefull attention to the edge finishing


Woven leather is the secret for intricate and unique pieces. New shapes and combined with revisited designs.


Decoratives 3D patterns embossing for an extra exotic touch.. Heritage patterns mordernized with minimalist construction

Our Leather Characteristics

Our premium quality eco-leathers are tanned without the use of harmful chemicals like chromium and have no synthetic top finish. We choose to work with naturally tanned leathers exclusively. This means also a material which has own character.

Colorful Leather


Due to the particular nature of this leather, some light scratches are visible and normal. Because it is not coated, a beautiful patina will develop. 



The pores of the material are slighly open and not recovered by chemicals. It means that a extra care with specific products is recommended


Some areas of the leather hide can have some irregularities, like wrinkles. It is due to the skin fold of the animal, like the neck and is normal.


Image by Lina Verovaya

Material Care Leather

Taking the time to care for your leather bag will not only preserve its natural charm but also extend its lifespan, allowing you to enjoy its timeless elegance for years to come.

We provide comprehensive leather care instructions in our leather care guide, which includes detailed recommendations

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